Witham & Kozan Client Testimonials

When you need the services of a quality Attorney, and you are looking for personal attention, you need to talk to Craig Kozan. When you first visit, you will find him very attentive and detail oriented. His advice is always crystal clear. You never leave his office unsure about what the goals are and how they will be achieved. 

On your behalf, he can be as hard nosed as any Attorney. His record demonstrates that. But just as important, he is a good negotiator and will not let emotions cloud the environment.

For me he has handled Wills, Refinancing and Real Estate Closings. I have referred my clients to him for advice on a wide range of issues including Credit Remediation, Bankruptcy and Employment Issues.

He is also a man that gives back to the community, sponsoring sports teams and contributing to numerous local philanthropic causes.


     ~ Wayne Odenbrett, Real Estate Professional, ReMax Superior 

 Craig exposes professional determination as he aspires and attains success in those matters that he advocates for in the field of law. I have had the unique opportunity to see his creative legal enthusiasm result in very advantageous results for his clients.
    ~ Jon Gelman, Esq. 
 I have known Craig Kozan since high school. He is the consummate professional - cogent, able to express himself clearly and thoughtfully, while always thoroughly prepared for whatever situation is presented. Craig's sense of humor and strong background serve as a foundation for his daily challenges. In the past I have worked with him on both individual and team projects - he is equally strong in either setting. Craig has my highest endorsement and recommendation. 

    ~ Marjorie Reiter, Health Care Administrator

Craig is a rare combination of diligent and talented, and he approaches his work with great focus and integrity. He also has a terrific sense of humor, which makes him invaluable as a colleague. I regret that I do not have more opportunities to work with him.
     ~ Christina Strong, Esq.

I have known Mr. Kozan for over twenty years. I have observed him to be intelligent, dedicated, and extremely resourceful. In the practice of law, perhaps the most important quality a lawyer can demonstrate is to care about each and every client. I believe Craig is that type of lawyer and I recommend him without reservation.

    ~ Rajat K. Gupta, CPA, Esq., Lawyer, Law Office of Rajat K. Gupta, Esq.

Mr. Kozan won my husband 1.3 million dollars in a lawsuit which no other lawyer would take. In fact, they all said that this case was impossible to win. Mr. Kozan sued my husband's employer for exposing him to toxic chemicals on the job. You can read about the case 
(click here to view online). Mr. Kozan explained to us that the case would be very difficult and would take a long time to resolve. He told us exactly what to expect, at every step of the way, and prepared us for everything that happened. He did what everyone said could not be done, and surpassed our highest expectations. I would recommend to everyone that they place their full trust in Mr. Kozan for any legal issue they may have.

    ~ C.H., Client

Mr. Kozan won on summary judgment, in a class action lawsuit alleging an entitlement to 14 million dollars-- meaning that the case never even had to go to trial. Not only that, but this case centered upon complicated issues involving the "demutualization" of the Prudential Insurance Company, "conversion" of funds, and whether or not retirees can sue their former Unions for actions which are taken after they retire. Mr. Kozan showed a mastery of these issues-- involving contract, labor, and insurance law to which most other lawyers have never even been exposed. Mr. Kozan personally and single-handledly undertook an exhaustive amount of investigation-- including multiple depositions, etc. to bring facts to light which supported his position as to these legal issues. Mr. Kozan argued all these issues before the Court brilliantly, and in the most persuasive manner possible.


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